Energy access in South Africa

A toolkit for developing successful green mini-grids


Toolkit published May 2017

The Carbon Trust, with support from the British High Commission’s Prosperity Fund, has produced a toolkit which provides key information to mini-grid stakeholders, including municipalities, to develop operational mini-grid projects in South Africa. It includes information on the key success criteria for establishing successful mini-grids, sustainable business models, key project stages and outlines the things that you will need to think about along the way.


The mini-guide serves to provide a snapshot of some of the themes explored in the toolkit:

  • What is a mini-grid?
  • The benefits of mini-grids to South Africa
  • The case for mini-grids in South Africa
  • The benefits of mini-grids to communities
  • How might mini-grids benefit municipalities?
  • What might a green mini-grid look like in South Africa?
  • A toolkit for successful project development
  • A pathway to successful mini-grids in South Africa
  • Key success criteria for establishing mini-grids
  • Example considerations

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