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Can business energy efficiency lighten the load on South Africa’s power grid?

11 August 2016 | Insight Papers

Benjamin Curnier, Associate Director, South Africa, looks at the potential impact of energy efficiency interventions on business and the wider economy.

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Manufacturing (PSEE)

Why energy efficiency makes perfect business sense

31 January 2014 | Viewpoints

As we slowly recover from the debt crisis, businesses all over the world that have been hoarding capital are now looking to invest once again in their future. But that future can’t just be more of the same. Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust, looks at how African businesses are in a prime position to gain economic advantage through implementing sustainability from the ground up.

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Cape Town business district

South Africa’s energy efficiency imperative

4 December 2013 | Viewpoints

Why energy efficiency is an imperative for South African business - and how energy challenges are being tackled through the Private Sector Energy Efficiency Project

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